Friday, January 14, 2011

Italian Beef Sandwiches...And we're not even Italian!

I had a roast in the freezer, and I was thinking of something besides carrots and potatoes.  A hearty, toasty beef sandwich is just the thing for a  Friday night in front of the tv!
The Italian Beef Sandwich Line-Up
Place roast in Dutch oven
Brown roast on all sides until light golden in color.
Season roast on both sides with salt and pepper.
Add dry Italian salad dressing mix
Add beer
Add pepperoncinis, with their liquid.
Simmer roast with salad dressing, beer and peppers for 3 hours.
Place roast on cutting board and slice thinly,
against the grain.

Serve with pan juices for dipping

Italian Beef Sandwiches
3-4 pound roast (pretty much any cut will do)
2 packages dry Italian salad dressing mix
2 cans beer (whatever you have on hand)
1 jar pepperoncini peppers, undrained
hoagie style sandwich rolls
sliced provolone cheese, optional

Place roast in a Dutch oven on cold stove.  Turn burner to medium and brown meat on all sides.  Browning is important as it seals in the juices and flavor of the meat.  You want a light golden color on all sides.  No longer pink, but not dark brown.  Once browned, season both sides of the roast with salt and pepper.  Add dry salad dressing packets, peppers with liquid and about one and a half of the beers.  Stir well to combine and simmer covered, about 2 hours.  Check liquid level at the 2 hour point, and add the rest of the beer if necessary.  Cook for another hour.  Remove beef to cutting board and slice thinly, against the grain of the meat.  Toast hoagie rolls under low-broiler on a baking sheet.  Top each roll with a pile of sliced meat and provolone cheese.  Return to broiler until cheese is melted.  Top with a few peppers from the Dutch oven and serve with "au jus" for dipping.

Prep Time:  Approximately 20 minutes     Cook Time:  Approximately 3 hours

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