Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Dinner 2011: A Re-cap...

Normally we travel a little way for Easter and have dinner with relatives.  I'm sure by now most of you have heard about my car accident in 2010 and the on going foot and knee surgeries that have followed.  I have a few more weeks before I start physical therapy and walking again so we decided to do things at our house and keep it simple.  (Well as simple as it can be for us.  It was all I could do to let my Mom and Mother-In-Law bring some food.  But I'm learning to delegate.)  There were 14 of us total, and though the weather did not cooperate, it was a beautiful day.
The table in the dining room.  I actually sat up 3 tables, plus the
coffee table.  (One or both of the Dads usually choose the
coffee table directly in front of the TV.  So I've just starting
setting two places there and letting the men arm wrestle for
those two spots.) 
While I wanted a true Martha Stewart style table complete with lavender linen tablecloths, I had to face my physical limitations and be satisfied with the little plastic ones from the Dollar Tree.  It actually turned out quite cute.  I had a light blue one on one table, a light yellow one on another, and a light pink one on the third table.  And, much to my Mother's chagrin we used paper plates.  I can't stand in the kitchen to wash dishes, and I did not want the Moms in my life doing all the work.  (Really it was fine.  We just needed a way to get all the yummy food from the kitchen to our mouths.)

And speaking of yummy food, here is the menu.  Some of these recipes may already be on my blog and some will be on in the future.  (Bear with me, I'm a work in progress...)

Smoked Ham
Baked Beans
Asparagus Lima Bean and Corn in Chive Cream Sauce (I found this recipe posted by ~it was wonderful!)
Veggie Salad  (coming soon)
Dill Potato Salad
Deviled Eggs
Homemade Rolls  (I made the Preston Rolls from Christy Jordan's Southern Plate Cookbook
Sweet Tea
Carrot Cake Cupcakes
Banana Pudding (My husband wanted the ORIGINAL RECIPE from the back of the Nilla Wafer Box)
Coconut Cream Pie (this is my husband's grandmother's recipe.) 

As you can see, we did not go hungry.  My mom brought the baked beans and veggie salad, my best friend brought a ham and my mother-in-law brought the asparagus and coconut cream pie.  It all turned out great. 

I saw this adorable centerpiece idea using PEEPS Marshmallow Rabbits at
Credit to Mommy Saver
Kimberly Danger for this adorable idea!

I figured I could make an attempt at this.  A word of warning.  Do not wait until the day before Easter to buy your PEEPS unless you have a very kind, patient husband that is willing to drive to 4 stores for you.  As you can see, mine turned out okay.  I don't think they were anywhere as cute as the original version.  (But I keep telling myself, when you can't walk and you depend on someone else to take you to the store, you have to make do.)
I had smaller vases, so I omitted the marbles. 
I sent my daughter to the store on
Easter morning and these colorful daisies
were about all they had left. 
But I think they turned out bright and
cheery anyway!

If you REALLY want to see some centerpieces that turned out cute, you need to visit my friend Michaela's blog:  She sets the most beautiful tables and does wonderful party planning.  Here are Michaela's Easter centerpieces:
Adorable!  She is so talented.  (Make sure you friend her on facebook)

All in all it was a beautiful day.  My nephew got to visit from Houston.  We got MUCH NEEDED rain all day.  Hope all of you had a wonderful day as well. 

The Devilish Dish

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