Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. President...

I'm a sucker for history.  I can entertain myself watching the History Channel or the Biography Channel all night.  History especially intrigues me when food is involved.  Several years ago, I went to see the Titanic Exhibit as a local museum.  It featured all kinds of relics brought up from the ocean floor as well as a re-creation of what the ship was like.  The most interesting part of the tour for me?  The Menu.  I bought a reproduction of the menu in the gift shop.  I got to see the difference in the meals served to First, Second and Third Class passengers.
On that same note, May 29, 2011 would have been John F. Kennedy's 94th birthday.  No matter your age, we've all seen clips of his infamous 45th birthday party, and the serenade by Marilyn Monroe.

What may seem insignificant to most people, would have been of great interest to me had I been at that birthday party.  And that my friends, would have been The Menu:

Crabmeat baked in Sea Shell

Chicken Broth with Spring Wheat

Medallions of Beef glazed in Madeira
Herbed Carrots ~ Woodland Mushrooms

The Presidential Birthday Cake

The dinner was served at the Four Seasons Restaurant in New York; once completed, the dinner guest departed for a party at Madison Square Garden where Marilyn sang her provocative version of "Happy Birthday".
In an interesting side note to this story, part of the 48 year-old cake was put up for auction on November, 16th of last year.  The winning bid was $6,572.00:

$6,500 for dusty icing rosettes???  Eww!


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