Friday, June 24, 2011

The Birthday Dinner Re-Cap

We had a birthday celebration for my mom, and her twin sister tonight.  Since I had my wreck in 2010, and subsequent surgery, the two of them have been so much help to me.  I wanted to reward them with a special meal.  Since my walking is limited, I put together a menu perfect for easy entertaining.  Lots of make-ahead ideas, that allowed me some time to rest my foot!  The menu included:  Spasagna, Caesar Salad, Crusty Bread with Roasted Garlic, and a Pecan Pie Trifle for dessert.  Everything turned out to be a success!
Here's the Birthday Girls! 
And they are still this cute, even at 70!
The entree was "Spasagna" which really was like a
spaghetti in alfredo sauce, covered in a meat sauce.
Once it was baked, the spaghetti thickened up and could
be cut into squares before serving.  It was truly the perfect
"company" dish.  A HUGE hit.  I doubled the recipe and made
TWO casseroles.  It was almost all gone!  If you'd like to make
Spasagna, please visit
The Country Cook.  I love her blog.
She has many wonderful recipes.  I also follow her on
You can find the Spasagna recipe
I made a simple Caesar Salad to accompany the Spasagna.
Everyone loves a good Caesar Salad.  I prepared the dressing
ahead.  At meal time I simply had to toss together the lettuce,
croutons, dressing and Parmesan cheese.  Not a bite left!  You can
find my directions for making Caesar Salad
No Italian meal is complete without warm, crusty bread.
Brushed with melted butter and lightly toasted. 
I roasted a few heads of garlic to spread on the bread.
The flavor makes a wonderful addition to mashed
potatoes and dips.  But my favorite way to serve it
is just like this.  With a spreader and some toasted bread.
If you'd like to learn how to roast your own garlic,
I can show you

Instead of a traditional birthday cake, I chose to make a
Pecan Pie Trifle.  My mom and aunt both love
Pecan Pie.  This just sounded too perfect.  AND, it
all started with a frozen pecan pie.  Not only did my kitchen
stay cool from not baking a pie, this dessert went together
super quickly, and in advance.  I had the chance to rest my foot!
I found the recipe at
Confessions of a Cookbook Queen
She is extremely witty, I just love her blog.  She has lots of
yummy recipes, including the
Pecan Pie Trifle.  Layers of
pecan pie cubes, a fluffy cream cheese layer, hot fudge and caramel
topping.  That's it.  It wasn't rich or anything.  Not at all.

I made my trifle in this beautiful antique bowl that
belonged to my Grandmother Mary.  (Eat your heart out
Cousin Lindsey!)  The bowl is so big, I decided to add a layer
of whipped cream and pecans.  You know, just to top it off.
Because it wasn't rich enough already.  Everything needs
a little whipped cream.  And hey, it was a birthday party!

For their gifts, I made the them Tulle Fourth of July
Wreaths for their front doors.  You know that's coming up
right around the corner.  One of my favorite holidays to celebrate.
They love it too.  Summer birthdays just make me think
Red, White and Blue!  I found the original idea for the wreath
along with the instructions
HERE.  The amount of
talent and imagination that people have always amazes me.
Please be sure to visit all of these wonderful bloggers!
I added some anti-bacterial hand soap
from Bath and Body Works.  You know how I love
a theme.  I couldn't resist throwing in the Apple Pie
and Blueberry Pancake soaps. 
Here they are.  Two wreaths.  I'm used to making two of
everything.  When you're lucky enough like me to have
"Two Moms" it's the natural thing to do!


  1. You are the sweetest! I loved the gifts you made up for them. What a cute idea! And the wreaths turned out really good! Thank you so much for sharing the Spasagna with your readers and I'm so happy it turned out good for you!!

  2. Aww....Thanks so much. I'm just getting around to replying to comments. I couldn't do it for the longest time. Finally Blogger got back to me with a solution!


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