Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tropical Mousse

I hate to keep harping on the weather but man is it hot.  Stupid hot.  Ridiculous hot.  As in the only work I can possibly do is eat a fudgesicle while floating in the pool hot.  Today makes 34 days of 100+ degree weather and as far as the extended forecast goes, there is nothing but 100+ in my future.  Which means I have to buy more popsicles.  I've been working on all kinds of recipes for staying cool.  I haven't found anything better than popsicles.  Well popsicles with booze added to them.  I highly recommend those if you're experiencing the same kind of weather.  And also this mousse recipe.  It's cool, fluffy and very refreshing.  With just a touch of rum, it is the perfect adult Summer dessert.  Mr. Devilish Dish ate 4 of them.  In one night.  Trust me, they will hit the spot! 
The Perfect Adult Dessert for Summer
The Tropical Mousse Line-Up

Place vanilla ice cream in bowl
until softened.
Whip ice cream until soft and fluffy.
Add egg yolks and beat on high speed.
Add rum.
Add pina colada mix.
Chill mixture overnight.
Serve topped with whipped cream,
pineapple rings and marachino cherries.

Tropical Mousse

1 pound vanilla ice cream
2 egg yolks
1 1/2 ounces banana rum
3 tablespoons frozen pina colada mix, thawed
1 can pineapple rings
whipped cream (optional)
marachino cherries (optional)

In a mixing bowl, place the ice cream and let it sit at room temperature until soft.  Beat the softened ice cream until it has reached a creamy consistency.  Add the egg yolks.  Beat at a high speed for 3 minutes.  Add the rum and pina colada mix.  Pour mixture into sundae glasses and refrigerate overnight until chilled.  Garnish with whipped cream, pineapple rings and marachino cherries.

Prep Time:  Approximately 20 minutes     Cook Time:  0 needs to chill

NOTE:  I used banana rum because Mr. DD loves anything banana and also because neither of us is a huge coconut fan.  The banana flavor took the edge off the coconut.  Feel free to use regular rum, coconut rum or spiced rum if you'd like!

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