Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Little King's Salad

A long time ago, Mr. Devilish Dish and I lived in Omaha, Nebraska for 4 years.  With the exception of the cold and snow we like it there very much.  The people were friendly, we shared a mutual respect for college football tradition, and you could get an amazing steak anywhere.  The very best thing to come out of my time in the Cornhusker State was meeting my friend, Michaela.  It's been over 10 years since we moved from Nebraska, and she remains one of my dearest friends to this day.  We met over scrapbooking, bonded over being stay at home moms to our kids, and realized we had so much more in common.  Both of us love to cook and entertain, and whenever I need a new recipe, I can count on Michaela to come through with something tried, true and delicious.  She shared this recipe with me many years ago.  It's named for the Little King's Sub Shop in Omaha.  It's basically a sub salad in a bowl.  It's one of the few "main dish" salads that I can get the men in my family to eat.  Serve it with some chips and brownies, and you've got an outstanding, casual summer meal.  Thanks Michaela for sharing yet another winning recipe!
A Sub Salad in a Bowl!

The Line-Up...Feel free to try deli meats or
cheeses of your choice!
Combine dressing ingredients and
set aside until ready to serve.
Place Romaine pieces in a bowl.
Add meats and cheeses!
(It's a hearty salad with lots of ham and turkey)
Add tomatoes just prior to serving.
Shake dressing well and pour over salad.
Add bread pieces, toss and serve immediately.
Be sure and visit Michaela's Blog at:
for more fabulous recipes!
Little King's Salad3 hard rolls or 1 small loaf crusty bread
3-4 Roma tomatoes, chopped
1 head Romaine lettuce, washed, dried and torn into small pieces
1 small red or white onion, slivered
1/2 pound Swiss cheese, chopped into small pieces
1/4 pound deli ham, cut into strips
1/4 pound deli turkey, cut into strips
1/4 pound Salami, cubed
1/4 pound Pepperoni, sliced (or I use the mini Pepperoni sometimes!)

Dressing3/4 cup Canola or vegetable oil (don't use olive oil, the flavor is too strong)
1/4 cup tarragon vinegar
1/8 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

Combine dressing ingredients and mix well.  Shake well before pouring.  Just before serving, combine salad ingredients, adding bread at the last minute.  Pour dressing over, toss and serve immediately.  (I like to prep everything in advance and assemble just before serving.  I usually assemble just what we are going to eat for that meal, and then keep all the ingredients separate and let everyone make their own salads with the leftovers.  The bread doesn't get soggy that way!)

Prep Time:  Approximately 20 minutes     Cook Time:  0

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  1. This is such a darn good salad!! So glad you guys enjoy it!! Miss you!! We need some patio time!!


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