Friday, October 26, 2012

Cute Lil' Baby Shower/New Mama Gift!

I was recently invited to a baby shower for a sweet friend who is expecting her second baby.  It's a girl this time.  She's proud Mama to an adorable, rambunctious, sports-crazy, two-year old boy.  And when I say sports-crazy, you've never seen a two-year old that can throw a baseball like this little guy.  So imagine how fun it is to decorate for a baby girl when you're surrounded by sports-loving guys?  She's been working on a precious nursery, perfect for a little girl.  Proud big brother does take time away from football and baseball long enough to pick out pretty pink outfits for his "sissy."  With all the excitement, there weren't too many necessities on the list, and I thought it would be fun to treat Mama for a change.  I made her a "BIRTH" Day Present.  A little basket she could tote to the hospital with some things she might find useful.  Like her favorite candy, Sour Skittles.  Face it, expecting and new moms deserve a lot of pampering and sometimes the focus is solely on the new arrival.  Mama's just hangin' out in the corner wishing she had a pony tail holder to get her hair out of her face.  Here's the "BIRTH" Day gift I made for my friend:
I knew right away I'd be using pink. 
I know that's so generic, but she is surrounded by
sports loving guys, so she needed something
Sour Skittles (The expecting mom's fave
candy...In a pink bottle of course!)
Everything kind of
came together with pink & aqua...
Something soft for her feet in case they get coldat the hospital...
I don't think she'll need this.  She's about the cutest
lil' pregnant gal you ever saw!
Tall and thin and probably
without stretch marks! 
(don't ya just hate her already?)
Every mom can use some inspirational reading...
Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer...
For guests to use before they hold the baby!
Here's the little card I attached...

I included the book, candy in the bottle, tummy lotion,
blistex for chapped lips, those throw away face cleansing
towels, breath mints, little disposable toothbrushes,
pony tail holders, socks, a cute 'lil owl emery board, kleenex,
a note pad and cute pens, and hand sanitizer.  All ready to grab and
go to the hospital when mom is!

Congratulations Erin!
Can wait to meet your sweet baby girl!

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