Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bee Mine Valentine Card Craft: Quick & Easy!

I love Valentine's Day.  It's not so much about the mushy love stuff for me, as it is an excuse to send my friends some fun little something in the mail.  Back when we were in college, my BFF sent me a homemade valentine through the campus mail.  It was by far the most creative, and funniest valentine I've ever received.  Neither of us had boyfriends at the time, so we were celebrating "Single's Awareness Day" instead of "Valentine's Day."  My card was made out of black construction paper hearts and listed, "The Top 10 Things That Suck More Than Valentine's Day..." to include the boys at school and the small glasses in the cafeteria.  I still have that Valentine and even though she didn't know it years ago, my friend Barbara set the bar really high for creative and homemade Valentine cards.  We're all a little older, and married so it probably isn't necessary to send her a Top 10 list of things that suck.  I figure she could use something a little brighter and more fun in her mailbox.  I whipped out several of these cards in just a few minutes.  So if you are panicking about a last minute treat for a Valentine on your list, here ya go:
Bee Mine!
What you will need:
hole punch
Burt's Bees Chapstick
Print the image (below) onto cardstock
of your choice.  Cut into "card size" of
your choice.  Punch two holes parallel
to each other near the bottom of the card.
Thread the ribbon through the holes.
Tie on the tube of chapstick
and present to your Valentine!
Simply right-click on the image above.
Copy and paste into Microsoft Word, Photo Shop
or other program that will allow you to print your image.
Simply print, cut-out and go!

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