Friday, March 29, 2013

Bunny Tails

So Easter is here.  It seems like it snuck up on me really quickly this year.  Maybe because in the month of March we took a vacation AND managed to attend over 14 baseball games.  You could say I was distracted.  Little Devil is away at college, so I'm not cooking up a big family feast this year.  However, I couldn't let the day sneak by without a little treat for my friends and family.  I cheated and bought donut holes at the store.  But how good would some homemade bunny tails be???  This is a super quick and simple project that would make a darling addition to any Easter Basket.  I made 8 of them in less than 20 minutes.  So what are you waiting for?  HOP TO IT.
Hoppy Easter!
How about some Bunny Tails
in your baskets?
You'll need:
Ziploc Bags
Donut Holes
I've supplied the image for you below.
Simply copy and paste into

the computer program of your choice.
Print out the number of tags you'll need
on cardstock.

I used my paper cutter to get nice straight lines.
Cut the tags to fit at the top of your bags. 
Make sure you leave enough room to fold the tag over.

Fill your bag with donut holes and seal the bag.
Fold tag over the top and staple.
I had a little Bunny Helper...

There ya go!
Bags of Bunny Tails all ready to go.
May you and your families have a Blessed Holiday.
Don't forget the real meaning of this most precious weekend...

Here is the image I created for the tags.
You can copy and paste it or right click and save the image.
Open it using Microsoft Word or other program of your choice.
Please remember all images on The Devilish Dish are my property.
I'm providing this one for your personal use only.
Please don't use my artwork for other purposes.  Thank you!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Asian Marinade for Meats

I have been in the worst rut lately.  A big, fat, giant, boring CHICKEN RUT.  If we eat any more chicken around here, we'll start clucking and growing feathers.  It just seems like chicken is so easy.  It's semi-healthy (depending on how I prepare it) and it's handy (I always have chicken breasts in the freezer.)  Now that Mr. Devilish Dish and I are "Empty NESTers" (No pun intended on the whole CHICKEN thing...) it just seems like I thaw out a couple of chicken breasts and throw something together for dinner.  Needless to say, I was searching for some non-chicken options when I stumbled upon this marinade.  It made the moistest, most flavorful beef that I've had in awhile.  I supposed it would be equally delicious on pork or God forbid, more chicken.  Get out of the CHICKEN RUT or whatever RUT you're in and try this one!
A new twist
for your next meat entree!
Love the price tag right on the front
of the wine bottle. 
Keep it classy Devilish Dish!
Season meat with salt and pepper.
Lay on top of lemon slices.
Top with additional lemon slices.
Combine marinade ingredients
and pour over meat.  Refrigerate.
Prepare meat as desired.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Taco Mac

I spent almost 8 years managing a gourmet  and kitchenware store.  I've loved cooking all of my life, read Julia Childs' books like they were the Bible.  I spend a serious amount of time cooking, entertaining, trying to new recipes.  And what is my child's all-time favorite meal???  Taco Mac.  As in three ingredients.  Ground beef, macaroni and taco sauce.  It has been her meal of choice since she was a toddler.  When she was little, she seriously thought I was the best cook and best mom in the world when I made it.  As she got older, she started making it herself.  And she still loves it.  It's so easy it's embarrassing.  It was the last "home-cooked" meal I made for her when she left for college. She requests it every time she's home on a break.   It is pretty good, and it's so simple you can prepare it on a week night when you're in a real hurry.  I hope you enjoy it half as much as Little Devil does! 

Little Devil's FAVORITE meal!
Only three ingredients...E-Z!
Brown ground beef in a skillet.  Drain.
Add cooked pasta and cheese sauce to cooked beef.

Stir in taco sauce.
Enjoy.  Hopefully as much as Little Devil does!

Monday, March 25, 2013

No-Sew Dog Bed (Beddy-Bye)

I have the laziest dog on the planet.  She's a 70+ pound Boxer-Mix.  Only on the inside she's a 2-pound lap dog.  Have you seen the commercials for depression medication where the owner just sits and stares into space all depressed?  And the dog is standing there with the leash in his mouth looking all sad because the owner is too depressed to take him for a walk?  That's not Ruthie.  She would like it if I stayed in bed 24/7.  In summation, Baby Ruth (or Ruthie as we call her) goes through dog beds like crazy.  She doesn't chew them up, she wears them out.  Literally.  From over use.  So for Christmas I decided that Santa would bring Ruthie some new "Beddy-Byes."  Because that's what we call them around here.  If you ask her, "Are you ready to go Beddy-Bye?" She runs and gets on her bed.  I can sew, but with the gazillion other projects I had going on at Christmas time, I could not devote hours to sewing Beddy-Byes.  I needed a quick, but cute project, since we have Beddy-Byes in practically every room of the house.  This was a very quick project, and something the kids could help with.  The dog beds only took about 30 minutes each from start to finish.  With only a yard of fleece and two standard sized pillows from Big Lots, I was able to make them for under $10 each too.  That way when they are worn out (and they will be from lots of use!) I can toss them and make some new ones.  AND...there are so many cute fleece patterns out there, you can coordinate to your decor.  Whip one of these up for your four-legged baby today.  *BABY RUTH RECOMMENDED!
Here's Ruthie modeling one of her new "Beddy-Byes."
The materials you'll need.
(Sorry I forgot to take actual photographs.
I did my best to come up with a simple tutorial.)
Begin by trimming of selvage edges of fleece.
Then fold fleece in half.
Cut "fringe" all the way around the
folded fleece.  Avoid cutting the
folded side.
Place pillows beside each other on the
bottom layer of fleece.  Fold top layer
of fabric over pillows and begin tying fringed
edges to close the pillows inside, creating the bed.
In only 30-minutes your Four-Legged Friend has
a new place to sleep!
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