Sunday, May 5, 2013

Teacup Vignette

I love crafty stuff just about as much as I love cooking.  When birthdays and holidays roll around, I try to make as many gifts as possible.  Sometimes a store-bought gift is better suited to the recipient (cough cough...Mr. Devilish Dish)  but usually something creative and hand-crafted is well-received.  My mother-in-law always stumps me when it comes her name on the Christmas shopping list.  I'm not sure why, we enjoy many of the same things:  cooking, reading, needlework.  I'm never sure if she already has the latest kitchen gadget or the newest book on the best seller list.  So I try to come up with something unique for her whenever I can.  I saw an idea similar to this on Pinterest, and immediately thought of my mother-in-law.  She loves beautiful things like china, little silver cups, or antique bunny chocolate molds.  A Christmas scene in a vintage teacup seemed like the perfect idea!  I immediately headed to the antique stores in search of a Christmas cup and saucer.  I think the idea would be equally as cute in any kind of vintage teacup, especially part of some family heirloom china.  But my mother-in-law loves Christmas decor, so vintage Christmas teacup it was! 
An adorable little scene in a vintage teacup!
Perfect for any holiday...

Teacup Vignette

teacup and saucer of your choice
hot glue
cotton balls or fake fabric snow
small block of styrofoam
miniature decorations of your choice (I used a bottle brush tree, tiny present, tiny puppy from a gum machine, and a tiny holiday wreath--check the dollhouse section!)

Cut the styrofoam block to fit inside the teacup.  You want it to be pretty tall, but not stand above the rim of the cup.  Hot glue into bottom of cup.  Fluff up cotton balls or fake snow and hot glue in place to cover styrofoam.  Use hot glue to adhere your miniature decorations into an eye-catching scene.

I used this idea for Christmas, and loved how it turned out.  My mother-in-law did too!  I think the idea could definitely be used for Mother's Day or a special birthday gift.  Perhaps a beach scene?  With some sea shells from a special vacation?  The possibilities are endless.  Be creative.  As long as you come up with something to hide the ugly styrofoam, the miniatures you use to create your little vignette can be anything you want, and customized to the recipient.  Now I'm off to find Valentine cups and Easter cups... 

Prep Time:  Approximately 25 minutes

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