Saturday, June 29, 2013

30 BLOWS Thirtieth Birthday Gift

A while back, we had a good friend turn 30.  His dear wife planned a really fun evening complete with Beer, Barbecue and Beer Pong to celebrate.  I didn't want to come empty handed, but the invitation didn't really indicate whether we needed to bring a gift or not.  I decided I wanted to bring something that would be funny, but not all black and "over the hill" themed.  I've seen variations on this type of treat using suckers that say, "40 Sucks."  Had the gift been for a woman, I might have gone with the sucker theme and used a really cute flower pot.  But guys?  They like beer, baseball, sunflower seeds and bubble gum.  The big bucket of gum reminds me of baseball.  The bucket even says, "Team Tub."  Perfect!  It was a hit, and needless to say our friend did not need to buy any bubble gum for a while.  So another guy we know is celebrating his 30th birthday this weekend and I decided to repeat my idea.  Stupid me didn't bother to save the printable last time, so I had to measure and come up with a label all over again.  I decided that was a lot of work and I would definitely save it this time, for future use.  I even decided to share with you, and I've added a generic "30 BLOWS" label at the bottom that you can print out and use yourself!  I hate to admit my age, but thirty really doesn't blow.  And forty doesn't suck.  You're as young as you feel so get out there and enjoy.  Bubble gum and all!
A Big Bucket of Bubble Gum Birthday Fun!
(Say that five times fast)
Happy Birthday Noah...
Welcome to the Over 30 Club!
What you need for this project:

Tub of bubble gum
Full-sized printable adhesive labels
Print out your label.
Cut carefully and it should fit the lid of the bucket,
just enough to cover up the writing...
Tie some fun ribbon onto the bucket handle.

Wish the recipient a Happy Birthday!
Assure them 30 really isn't so bad...

Here is the label.
If you click on the picture, it should come
up in a larger size.  Simply right click and save to your own computer. 
Open up with whatever photo program you have and print.
Cut out carefully and you're all set!

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