Saturday, June 8, 2013

Baseball Watch Party #2 (Yes, I like Baseball!)

When the Sooners football season rolls around, I am the biggest football fan.  And then the countdown to baseball season begins and I become the biggest baseball fan.  And to tell the truth, baseball might just edge out football a little bit in my heart.  But don't tell that to anyone.  Because I have a reputation to uphold.  Being such a fan, it's pretty easy to tailgate or host watch parties.  I love baseball (DUH) so that pretty much meets the criteria.  Oh and all of my serving dishes are red and/or say:  SOONERS.  And I'm the Queen of Casual Entertaining.  Meaning there is beer in the little fridge on the patio, just help yourself.  When Sooner Baseball made it into the regional tournaments, working  toward the College World Series last year we had some friends over to watch.  We actually moved our tv out onto the patio and it was a blast.  Great weather, great friends, great team.  And of course:  great food.   Here's a few ideas you can throw together for some baseball-themed fun:

You know the words to the song...
Cracker Jacks are a baseball must!
Don't forget the peanuts.
I love the scoops for serving.
Seems so "old fashioned."
I made things super easy.
Hot Dogs and Baked Beans.
Our friends brought chips and beer
and the meal was complete! 
You can find my Baked Bean Recipe HERE.

I came up with the Baseball & Apple Pie Cupcakes
just for this very occasion.  Because what's more
American than, "Hot Dogs, Baseball, and
Apple Pie..."  You can find the
Baseball & Apple Pie Cupcake Recipe HERE.

And Crack Corn.  Can't have a party without Crack Corn.
That's the number one viewed recipe on my blog.
In case you didn't know it, you can find that
recipe HERE.

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