Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Father's Day Snack Bags

So my Mother's Day Candy Grams In A Jar were a big hit.  So much of a hit that I didn't want the dads in my life to be jealous when Father's Day rolled around.  I didn't want to recycle the exact same idea, and frankly I don't think dads care if their gift is in a cute jar.  Plus my dad and father-in-law aren't really supposed to be having so many sweets, and I did not want to be the one responsible for their chocolate overload.  I decided I wanted their gift to be mainly savory stuff, preferable snack foods.  Because face it, when you're a grandpa, and it's summertime, all you really want to do is sit in your chair, watch baseball and munch on snacks.  I searched and searched online for ideas and ran across a Father's Day Trail Mix that contained a few of the foods I used.  I used that inspiration as my launch board.  I took the little saying that accompanied the snack mix and expanded on it, writing my own little poem.  Yes, it's dorky I know.  But it's for Dad and he won't mind.  I was able to find all of the items in the individual serving sizes at Wal-Mart, with the exception of the little bags of Hershey's Kisses.  I found those at my friend Dollar Tree.  The cute little clips were 6 for a $1.00 in the $1.00 section at Michael's.  I love a bargain!  I think the men in my life are really going to enjoy this little treat.  I hope you do too!
Here's the finished bag,
all ready for Dad!
The Contents:  A box of raisins, a package of Goldfish crackers,
a package of microwave popcorn, chocolate chip cookies,
a small box of Cheeze-It crackers, a small package of Teddy
Grahams, A package of chocolate covered pretzels,
a package of peanuts, a box of Skittles and a small package
of Hershey's Kisses.
I found plain kraft paper style gift bags at Michael's,
along with the little heart clothespin-style clips.
I printed the poem out on cardstock...

Put the items in the bag...
OR make a snack mix using these items.
I think a "trail mix" made up of these ingredients
would be just as cute. Package them in a baggie
and tie the poem on as a tag! Be Creative!

Clip the poem on the bag with a cute 'lil clip.
Michael's had tons of fun clips, some looked like
be-dazzled clothespins!
Here it is, all finished...

All ready to go and present to DAD!
Happy Father's Day out there to all of
the Dads, Granddads, Uncles,
Brothers, Friends and Male Mentors...
Enjoy your day!
In case you can't read the tag in the picture, the poem says:


RAISINS are for how well you raised me.
GOLDFISH because you're the big fish in the sea.
POPCORN for being a "Pop" as solid as a rock.
CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES 'cuz I'm a chip off the old block.
CHEEZE-ITS 'cuz you're the big cheese.
TEDDY GRAHAMS for all the bear hugs you've given me.
PRETZELS for guiding me through life's turns and twists.
PEANUTS 'cuz I'm your 'lil peanut, you get the gist.
SKITTLES for the rainbow of love and cheer you give.
KISSES to show the love you'll get as long as you live.


I've included the image of the poem I used.
Please forgive me as my graphics programs
have not been installed on my new computer.
Hopefully you can click on this image to
enlarge it, and then right-click and save

the file to your computer and print it out.
I left off our names, and left it blank.
I thought you could let your little ones

sign their own names at the bottom.
Happy Crafting!


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