Thursday, July 18, 2013

Baseball Bracelet How-To

Last baseball season, Little Devil and I made ourselves some bracelets out of authentic, University of Oklahoma foul balls.  Yes, the same ones she caught over the years of faithful baseball game attendance.  They were quite a hit, and we wound up making extras for our Baseball Mom-Friends.  I've made so many this season, that I thought I'd may as well post the tutorial in case any of you would like a baseball bracelet for yourselves.  It's actually pretty easy when you break down the steps, and it's guaranteed to get complements!  After all, we need to look cute while we sweat away on the bleachers!
Take Me Out To The Ball Game...
In my cute lil' Baseball Bracelet!
Here's what you'll need for this project:
A baseball
red embroidery floss
Exacto Knife
elastic cord
big needle
felt in a color you like
cute button (with a shank, not a flat button)
clear fabric glue
Begin by carefully cutting along the baseball seams.
You can see where the leather is sewn together. 
Try to cut right down the center.
Now that the seams are cut, start peeling away
the baseball.  You'll have two figure-8 shaped pieces.
Enough for two bracelets.
Pick away all the thread from the holes
so you have a clean, neat baseball piece
to start stitching on...
Thread your needle with all 6-strands of
the embroidery floss.  Just tie a knot in the end.
Make sure the knot is on the back of the baseball.
(You won't see it in the end.)
Now just whip stitch around the edges of
the baseball using the holes that are already there.
Continue whip-stitching until the entire baseball
piece has new red stitches around the edge.
Lay the baseball flat onto a piece of felt.  Trace around the shape
with a pen.  This will make the lining of the bracelet.
Not only does it look better, making a finished product, it hides
the knots and fasteners.  AND, you'll notice the backside of the
baseball is sticky.  You don't want that stuck to your arm
on a hot, sweaty Saturday!
Now cut out your piece of felt.  You'll probably wind up
cutting it just a little smaller.  You want it to lay flat
and fit nicely on the backside of the bracelet, but you want it to
hide the knots from your whip stitching.
DON'T glue it down yet.  You're almost finished...
Sew your button on one end of the bracelet.
Just use a couple of holes at the end.  Come up
through one hole, thread your button on, and go
down through the next hole.  Now
tie a knot on the back so the button
is tight and secure.
See?  Like this.  Now your pretty button
is on top of the baseball, and ready to create
the fastener.
On the opposite end of the bracelet, attach
a small piece of the elastic cord to create a
loop.  This is what fastens on to your button
to close the bracelet.  I like for it to have just a little
bit of stretch to fit over the button.  That way
your bracelet will fit snugly and not come off.
Now you are ready for the glue.  You just need a little.
It helps that the back of the baseball is already sticky.
Make a small, thin layer on the back of the baseball
and place your felt backing on...
See how that hides all of the knots from your sewing?
And the ugly knots from the elastic?
Let the glue dry and you are all set.
Put your bracelet on and wow everyone at the game!

You can wear it either way.  With the button
at the top or the bottom!
Know what's really cute???
Get your favorite baseball player to autograph your bracelet!
Now you REALLY have a one of kind!

This project was share over at: CALL ME PMC's Marvelous Monday Link Party! and Life After Laundry's Less Laundry, More Linking Party!


  1. I love this idea! My sons just started playing baseball this summer and we've quickly become huge baseball fans! My daughter would love making a few of these with her friends.

  2. Yay! I hope they have fun making them. They turn out pretty cute! I've had lots of compliments when I wear it to the ball park!

  3. My boyfriend is a huge baseball fan. I have to make one of these for myself to surprise him :) Thanks for linking up to the Less Laundry, More Linking party. Hope to see you there again next week!

  4. wow, this is such a creative idea! looks great!

  5. Mariely! Thank sounds like a fun idea. My husband is a HUGE baseball fan and he got a kick out of these too!

  6. Aniko-Thank you so much! I love to cook and mostly publish cooking posts on my blog, but now and then I like to include a little crafty project!


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