Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party

We have some dear friends with the cutest lil' guy you've ever seen.  He can shoot baskets and throw a football or baseball better than I can.  And I'm no slouch.  When his second birthday rolled around, his Mama asked me if I would help her with his party.  It was a no brainer because I love her little guy and I pretty much love Mickey Mouse more than Mr. Devilish Dish.  (I should do a blog post sometime on my kitchen and how it is decorated with Mickey Mouse memorabilia--say that five times fast.)  Between the two of us, we had enough fun serving platters to make it a fabulous day.  The party was at the local YMCA and all of the attendees got to swim for a bit before we enjoyed lunch, cake and presents.  As they say on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, "We've got ears; say Cheers!"

Instead of cake,
we had cupcakes.  I made
a simple vanilla cake with
a white buttercream frosting.
Decorated with 1 large OREO
and 2 small OREOS
to represent Mickey Ears!

The birthday boy's mom purchased
a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse-themed
package of printables from
Amanda's Parties To Go
I helped her by cutting and assembling everything.
Here's the spread,
all ready for the hungry swimmers!
The Mickey Mouse bowl made a
perfect container for the chips...
And by the way, Skittles make a colorful
and tasty filler for vases and

"CLUB" sandwiches for
Mickey Mouse's Club house
of course!
When I heard the theme was Mickey Mouse, I
said, "Perfect.  I have lots of Mickey dishes."
My friend replied, "I knew you would."
Hot Diggity Dogs
A.K.A. Pigs in a Blanket!
Fruit with a simple fruit dip. Seriously
you don't need a recipe.  It's a
7-ounce jar of marshmallow
creme combined with an
8-ounce package of cream cheese.
Veggies with Beau Monde Dip.
Recipe HERE.
The polka-dots remind me of
Minnie's dress!
The birthday boy's dad requested
chocolate dipped pretzels.
I happened to have some awesome
Mickey Mouse sprinkles!

No party is complete
without a big bowl of
Crack Corn.

Party favors included:
mini buckets with crayons,
play-doh, coloring sheets
and Mickey or Minnie ears.

Happy Birthday Cash!
Thanks so much for letting me be part
of your special day!

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