Thursday, August 29, 2013

Girlfriend Graduation Gift

So my Big Devil, The Devilish Nephew has a really sweet girlfriend.  I'm sure I've bragged on him before.  He's like our other child.  He works for a big oil company in Houston and we are super proud of him.  He's sweet, handsome, smart and successful.  No wonder Alison grabbed him up and took him off the market.  She is equally as precious and just graduated from the University of Oklahoma.  She's moving off to Texas to begin her career, and the next phase of her life and I wanted to send her off with a little treat!
Here's the contents of the box:
pictures of my sweet nephew when he was little
Smarties, because Alison is a Smartie
a little heart-shaped candle for fun
a card telling her how proud we are of her accomplishment!
I found a GIANT box of Smarties candy
and made an adhesive label on the computer....
Originally my plan was to make a photo album or
scrapbook for Alison, using baby pictures of my
nephew.  I just couldn't find anything I liked,
so I decided to give her the pictures and let her do
what she wanted to with them.
I just tied the pictures together with a little piece of twine.
Yes, that is a picture of my nephew on top, wearing my
cap and gown from MY graduation night.
I just put everything into the box
and tied it up with a pretty ribbon.  I found this cute little
wicker "shoe box" at Hobby Lobby.
I love it when the container is actually part of the gift.
Crimson and Cream
for the University of Oklahoma!
I should note that I thought I was a pretty cool aunt to share baby pictures with a girlfriend...Although my nephew blushed with embarrassment I think his girlfriend thought it was really sweet.  I know those pictures are something she will treasure.  I asked my mother-in-law several years ago for some pictures of Mr. Devilish Dish as a baby and she said, "No way.  You'll get those when I die."  (Thankfully his Mamaw gave me some and his mom was really sweet and copied several for his 40th birthday.) I don't think you always have to give an expensive, store-bought gift.  Sometimes I think what is most appreciated is a gift that comes from the heart.  Whether it comes from your kitchen or your craft room, as my mother always says, "It's the thought that counts." It truly is. 

Congratulations and Best Wishes on your future Miss Alison!!!

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