Saturday, December 14, 2013

Booze Bouquet

So I posted last week about the Merry Christmas Rein "Beer," and about the fun little Christmas party we go to each year with our baseball-loving friends.  We eat, laugh and maybe enjoy a beer or two.  And play "Dirty Santa" to exchange gifts.  Since a majority of the folks at the party were single guys, I figured there was no way I could go wrong with the gift of booze.  I was correct in my assumption because this gift got "stolen" several times during the exchange.  I love this idea, and I think it would work great any time of year, not just for Christmas.  A "valentine" of a dozen "bottles" for you guy would be really cute.  (Especially if he sends you a dozen roses!)  It went together surprisingly fast, was very simple and very well received!

Booze Bouquet

You'll need:

Bucket, flower pot or vase
Styrofoam to fit inside
12 6-inch bamboo skeweres
12 mini bottles of liquor
shredded basket filler
ribbon for bow
glue gun

Glue Styrofoam into base of pot.  (You'll need to do this because it can be a little top-heavy once all of the bottles are on.)  Glue a bottle to the non-pointed end of each skewer.  Poke into Styrofoam to create a "bouquet."  Use shredded basket filler to hide Styrofoam.  Finish off your bouquet with a pretty bow and you're all set!

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