Monday, January 20, 2014

Boozy Berries

I just got back from a weekend with my girlfriends from college.  It was our belated Christmas celebration, and a much needed weekend of gossip, laughs and a cocktail or two.  Amy, who doesn't cook much but still has a thing for handsome celebrity chef's had ripped a cocktail recipe from Curtis Stone out of a magazine.  It was elderflower liqueur, Prosecco, lemon sorbet and lemon for garnish.  Unfortunately for Curtis, you cannot find lemon sorbet in North West Arkansas.  So we improvised with lemon popsicles.  (Please don't tell that hot Aussie.) I thought it would be a good time to try these Boozy Berries out on the girls.  That's strawberries, that have marinated in whipped cream-flavored vodka, then dipped in white chocolate.  What's not to love???  With baseball season and lots of tailgating coming up, it's always fun to have a new party recipe in the repertoire.  These were super easy to make, super easy to transport and super dangerously delicious.  Thanks to Curtis Stone, Just Dance and Boozy Berries we had a great girl's weekend!
Boozy Berries:  Strawberries marinated
in whipped cream-flavored vodka and

dipped in white chocolate!
So easy to make.  Just cover the berries
in vodka, and refrigerate 24 hours.
Pat dry and dip in melted
white almond bark.
Here's Cutie Curtis' "Bubbles & Sorbetto."
I tried to find the recipe online with no success.
It was Prosecco, elderflower liqueur, lemon and
lemon sorbetto.  Please do not tell Curtis we used
lemon popsicles.
Here's our crazy kiddoes celebrating a
belated Christmas together.  I would post a picture

of us girls, but they were a little silly and the others
might kill me if I did.   (I promised not to post the
video of Jenny doing Just Dance to "Livin' La Vida Loca," and a promise is a promise!)

Boozy Berries

1 carton fresh strawberries
1 bottle whipped cream flavored vodka
1 package white almond bark

Wash and dry strawberries, leaving stems intact.  Dry carefully and place in a shallow container with a well-sealing lid.  Pour vodka over strawberries, making sure all are covered.  Place lid on and refrigerate from 24 hours.  Remove strawberries from vodka and pat dry with a paper towel.  Melt almond bark and dip each strawberry into the white coating.  Place on waxed paper until set.  Enjoy!

Prep Time:  Approximately 10 minutes     Cook Time: 0 needs to refrigerate 24 hours

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  1. Love this!! I have been waiting for this post, can't wait to try them!


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