Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bunny Beers

Sometimes Mr. DD and I exchange gifts for Easter, sometimes we don't.  It was a bigger deal when Little Devil was little and the Easter Bunny filled everyone's basket.  Now the Little Devil is out with her friends and no one is leaving fresh carrots on the porch for said rabbit.  I still have some some little goodies for everyone even though there is no egg-dyeing or egg-hiding this year.  My Merry Christmas Rein"Beer" were such a hit, I decided to change them up a bit and give the idea an Easter make over.  I was even able to find a few beers with "rabbit" and "spring" themes, which was exactly what I had in mind.  Earlier this week I cleaned my oven (UGH) and threw out the oven liner I had in the bottom.  If you haven't tried those, do.  It will help keep your oven clean of spills and overflows.  Anyway, Mr. DD went out to buy himself an electric knife so he will look all official when he carves the Easter Ham.  He came in a surprised me with a new oven liner, and said, "Happy Easter."  I'm ashamed of how excited I was.  Now I'm extra excited to give him his Easter Bunny Beers!
Bunny Beers.
When a chocolate bunny just won't do.
I was even able to find a beer
with a rabbit on it.
Thanks Shiner!
The bunny tail is a nice touch.
They look pretty cute peeking over the six-pack!
Shiner Wild Hare Pale Ale
Abita Spring Ale

Have a "Hoppy" Easter
(beer humor...ha ha)

Bunny Beers

You'll need:

White Pipe Cleaners (I found large extra-fuzzy thicker ones)
Googly Eyes
Pink Pom Pom Balls (AKA Bunny Noses and Bunny Tails)
Hot Glue Gun
Beer or Bottle Sodas

You'll need 2.5 pipe cleaners per bottle.  Cut one in half, then bend the other two into "ear shapes."  Use the half pipe cleaner to wire the ears on.  (This is where you'll wish you were secretly an octopus so you had extra hands.)  Glue the eyes and nose in place.  Don't forget to add a bunny tail on the back of the bottle. 


Happy Easter from my family to yours.  Have a blessed day!

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