Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Congratulations On Your New Home Gift

My BFF just bought a new home!  It's so exciting to watch the transformation, and see all of the fun paint colors she picked out for the walls.  As we all know, moving is very stressful and a lot of hard work.  We've been best friends since the sixth grade, so once she's all settled in and content with her decor of course I'll be getting her a real "house warming" gift.  But in the meantime, she's been working day and night moving out of the old house and into the new house.  And I figured she deserved a little break and a little fun.  So I took this treat over as a reminder that she deserved to take a break from all of the moving work.  She may have to sit in a lawn chair to enjoy the beer, while she waits on the moving truck to bring the couch.  That's okay as long as she remembers to take a little break from all of her hard work and enjoy her new digs!  I've included the tag as a free printable at the bottom of the page, so all you'll need to do is grab some beer or a bottle of wine.  And some ribbon and a hammer!  Now you've got a fun gift for a new neighbor or a friend with a new home!

Celebrate your new home...
Click on the tag to enlarge, then right-click save the
image to your computer.  Print the tag using the program
of your choice.  Remember my images are copyrighted, but
I'm sharing this one with your for your personal use only.

New Home Treat

You'll need:

6-pack of beer, bottle of wine or liquor of your choice
a new hammer
printable tag (included above)

Print out the tag by right-click saving the image to your computer and printing with the program of your choice.  Tie the hammer onto the alcohol with the ribbon.  Cut out your tag and stick it on with tape.  You're all set with a cute little treat for someone celebrating a new home!

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