Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CHOCOLATE 13th Birthday Gift

My Devilish Assistant Emily just turned 13.  Sadly that cute little apron that says "Baking Princess" doesn't fit anymore.  But she still loves to bake and I'm so glad to have a helper in the kitchen.  Like most 13-year-old girls she loves dogs.  She has two big chocolate Labrador Retrievers that she adores.  One of them was her birthday gift 4 years ago.  A cutie-patootie chocolate lab puppy.  What a birthday that was!  The other ball of chocolate love was adopted after the tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma in May of 2013.  The poor guy went through a lot, has had several surgeries and he's just so happy to have a family that loves him.  He sleeps with Emily every night and he's quite the cuddle bug.  It's safe to say she is a fan of chocolate labs, so when I saw a set of notebooks and folders with chocolate lab puppies on the cover I knew exactly what she was getting for her birthday.  Since she loves to bake almost as much as she loves chocolate labs, I included a brownie mix.  (Because we call the dogs the Brown(ie) Brothers.) And like every girl on the planet, she loves chocolate so I added some of that too.  I put everything in a dog bowl (ha!), added some shrink wrap and tied it up in a cute bow.   A chocolate-themed 13th birthday gift for a girl that loves chocolate AND chocolate labs!

A "Chocolate" Themed
Birthday Gift for my
favorite 13-year-old!
Folders and notebooks featuring"Chocolate" Labs, Brownie Mix,
and some Chocolate too!
(All in a cute dog bowl!)
Here's Emily on her birthday 4 years ago
with Moose.
Get it?!?
Chocolate Moose.
Got a Chocolate Lover in your life?
Then make them Chocolate
Birthday gift!

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