Friday, October 17, 2014

Pumpkin Cupcake Centerpiece

I LOVE Halloween!  It's my favorite holiday.  Even more so than Christmas.  I even have a huge Halloween village that lights up and makes noises.  (Yes, I know most people have Christmas Villages.)  Since my accident, this is the first year I've decorated for Halloween.  The porch, the door,  the kitchen table.  I intended to set up the Halloween village on the dining table but I gave up.  It's a lot of work to make sure the lights and cords work for 50+ houses and I ran out of time and patience.  Maybe next year.  So I was left with an empty dining table with only a black tablecloth and my silver candelabras with black tapers in them.  We were in Dallas last weekend and Central Market had the cutest little white baby pumpkins you've ever seen!  I didn't know what I was going to do with them at the time, but I bought a bag full.  I brought them home and the idea hit me.  I have a really cool black wire cupcake stand.  I added the white pumpkins (now I wish I had bought more) and orange pumpkins and came up with an adorable centerpiece I'm really proud of.  You could substitute mini decorative gourds too, but I love the Halloween look.  I hope you do too!
My mother-in-law bought me this
adorable cupcake stand at Target.  She said
they only carry the black this time of year.
(I also have it in cream.)
I love cupcake holders and cake stands
almost as much as I love Halloween!
Here's a better view.  It's easier to see the
cupcake stand when It's not against
the black tablecloth. Isn't it fun?
And yes those are Halloween
platters displayed on the bar.
Aren't those baby pumpkins the cutest?
I wish I had bought more white ones.
You could use decorative gourds and make this
a Thanksgiving centerpiece too!

Happy Halloween Friends!

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