Monday, November 24, 2014

MANLY Gift for a Guy

Like any siblings my brother and I have a long history of love and hate.  Now that we are both adults, we are pretty good friends.  But there was a time when firestorm was the norm.  He would wrap up empty boxes and give them to me for my birthday.  He would hide my dolls or hang them from the ceiling.  Hit me with hockey pucks.  You know.  That typical brotherly love.  And of course I was the perfectly innocent angel baby sister who played the, "Who me?" card and got him into trouble whenever possible.  Flat Stanley was my favorite book as a child.  Why?  Because my brother's name is Stanley.  And ohhh how I longed for a bulletin board to fall off the wall and flatten him.  So I could roll him up and mail him in a tube somewhere far away.  His birthday is tomorrow and thankfully, he's not flattened.  He's coming over for dinner and here's the little gift I put together for him.  He's a guy's guy so tools and gadgets are perfect for him.  I found the Stanley hat a while back.  Not only is it a great brand of tools, it's double the fun because it has my brother's name on it.  I used the hat as a little gift basket and added a few Stanley-brand products to it.  If you don't have a Stanley in your family, or if your Stanley was flattened in a tragic bulletin board accident that's okay.  I still think this makes a great MANLY gift for any guy in your life that's handy and likes tools. 
All wrapped up and ready for my
brother's birthday...
A Stanley hat complete with a
bottle opener in the brim.
That's pretty MANLY right?
Some Stanley gadgets for his workshop...
Use the hat as a basket and add some
shreddy stuff.  But don't make it too cute.
We want it to be MANLY.
Happy Birthday Brother!
Still one of my favorite books.
But I'm glad my Stanley isn't flat.

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