Monday, February 23, 2015

How to Clean Your Iron

So the other day Mr. Devilish Dish went to iron a shirt.  And something yucky and brown jumped out of the iron and onto his collar.  And he was not a happy camper.  Not because he had to iron his own shirt, but because something yucky and brown jumped out of the iron and onto his collar  Yes I know how to iron.  But it's amazing what you can do with Downy Wrinkle Releaser and the dryer.  Most of my ironing is reserved for crafting.  And while it would be a genius idea to have an iron for crafting and a separate iron for clothing, I guess we aren't that smart.  After he put on a different shirt and left, I decided it would be a good idea to try and clean the iron.  Or go buy another one.  Surprisingly it came clean really easily without a lot of elbow grease.  Because if there is anything I dislike more than ironing, it's using elbow grease. 
Yet another use for vinegar and baking soda.
Very handy to have around.

No wonder my husband was upset
about his shirt.  Why didn't I try to clean
this gross thing a long time ago?

After you scrub it good, plug it in on the
steam setting so the holes get cleaned out.
See what a difference a simple cleaning made?
I'm so glad I did this.  No more ruined shirts
or upset husbands.

How to Clean Your IronYou'll need:

white vinegar
baking soda
cleaning rag
stiff brush or old toothbrush

Dampen rag with white vinegar.  Rub onto iron.  A lot of the gunk will come off with just the rag and vinegar.  You can create a paste with the baking soda to scrub the spots that are harder, and use the toothbrush to get in really good around the holes.  Wipe clean with a wet cloth.  Plug the iron in, turn on the steam setting and sit the iron in the sink and let the steam setting do its thing and and it will kind of finish cleaning out the holes.  Unplug and let cool a little before you wipe clean with a wet cloth.  Dry and enjoy your clean iron.  If you actually enjoy ironing. 

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