Monday, January 25, 2016

Feel Better Bag

The flu hit Oklahoma hard last year.  Everyone I know was sick at least once in 2015.  Mr. DD, Little Devil and I spent our fare share of time on the couch.  Fortunately we weren't all sick at the same time, so we were able to take care of one another a little bit.  All kinds of respiratory illness, as well as stomach bugs were going around.  It's no fun to be sick, but it's even worse when you are a kid, and home from school bored.  A while back my BFF and her daughter were both sick.  I knew Mom felt awful, and I figured they could use a little pick me up.  Having been sick twice already (once in Las Vegas--read HERE) I left the bag hanging on their door knob, rang the bell and ran to my car.  No amount of Lysol would have gotten me through that door.  I had enough already and now I stay in hiding until Spring arrives.  I included all of the obvious things in the bag: ginger ale, crackers, and chicken noodle soup, but I also included a few fun things for my Devilish Assistant Emily.  I added a couple of Blow Pops, some Peanuts buttons and a small sock monkey cross stitch kit to keep her busy.  It was a much appreciated gift, and gave both of them a little lift.  If you know someone that's under the weather, throw together a little Feel Better Bag for them.  It really will make them feel better, and you'll feel better for doing it.


ginger ale
chicken noodle soup
Nilla wafers
cough drops
hand sanitizer
immune boosting fizzy tablets
herbal tea
blow pops
Peanuts buttons
cross stitch kit

Other ideas you might want to include:

eye drops
pain reliever
cross word puzzle book
hand lotion
fuzzy socks
teddy bear

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