Friday, May 6, 2016

Mother's Day Measuring Cup Set (With FREE Printable!)

Mother's Day is this weekend and it's time to honor of the great ladies in my life  Not all of them enjoy cooking as much as I do.  Their skills range from novice to Martha Stewart.  But no matter the level of expertise, we can all appreciate a few new tools for the kitchen.  I'm willing to bet it has been years since my Mom has had a new set of measuring cups.  I'm hazarding a guess that the set she owns is mustard gold, slightly melted, and made by Tupperware circa 1975.  I saw these brightly colored liquid measuring cups at Wal-Mart.  I fell in love with the vivid colors and wound up buying 8 of the big liquid measuring cups.  Honestly when I bought them I was thinking about planting herbs in them for my patio.  Then I decided they would make super cute gifts for Mom.  Not everyone I'm gifting cooks with fresh herbs and since I was mailing some of the gifts out of state, I ditched the herb idea and went back for the matching dry measuring cups and measuring spoons.  Immediately I knew they would say, "Mom-You Really Measure Up."  I whipped up a cute measuring cup-shaped tag and tied them on with coordinating ribbon.  I'm super happy with how they turned out.  I can't wait until Sunday to present them to the Moms.  I've included the measuring cup tag as a printable for you below.  That way you can show the mothers in your life how they measure up too!
Isn't this just the cutest for Mom?
Looks like Spring!
Click on the image to enlarge.
Right click and save to your computer.
Open with the software of your choice
and print onto cardstock.These images are my exclusive artwork.
Please be courteous when using these printables
and remember they are for personal use only.
Here's the red.
That's my favorite.
And hot pink!
The cups also came in a royal blue color too!
You All Measure Up!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the my fabulous foodie friends and family.  Whether you're a mother by birth, by fate, by choice, or by accident,  it doesn't matter.  Everyone needs all the love they can get and it doesn't matter where they get it.  Even if you aren't a mom by the dictionary's definition so what. If you're an Aunt, a Grandma, a Mentor or just a good friend to someone....Enjoy Your Day. (And Mother's of fur babies count too!)

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