Monday, June 18, 2012

World's Best POP Father's Day Gifts

Aside from fixing all the dads in my life a yummy meal, I wanted to show appreciation for them by having a little gift for each of them to take home.  A while back I saw some black cherry soda with the brand name The Pop Shoppe.  I thought that was too cute and bought a few bottles.  I stashed them away, knowing I would use them for Father's Day, just not knowing how.  Like every woman in the free world, I spend a lot of time on Pinterest.  If you haven't heard of it, it's like an online bulletin board where you can share everything from decorating, crafts, recipes and more.  Basically if you're surfing the web, and see something on a webpage that you like, you can "pin it" and the link is there for you to re-visit and share with your friends.  I've been very flattered to have folks PIN several of my recipes on there, and I've found lots of great ideas to try myself.  Leave it to Pinterest to save the day when it came time to do something crafty with my bottles of pop! 
Here's how my idea turned out.  I originally saw the
HERE. I'm so grateful there are such
clever people out there willing to share their ideas.
It saved the day!  One of the things I loved most
about this little treat was the "award" ribbon.
I basically used some scrapbook paper
and extra ribbon I had on hand.  It might
have been cuter if I had really coordinated the
paper and ribbon, but I was trying to be economical
AND use up the five million square feet of craft
supplies taking over my garage.
To make the "award" I took a couple of 1-inch
wide strips of printed paper and hot glued them together
to create one really long strip.  (Hot glue is important because
it sets really fast, and you don't want to fight the
accordian-folded paper.)  I just folded it accordian-style,
then twisted it around to create the "rosette".  Hot glue those edges
together, glue it to a scrap of ribbon and drape it over the
top of the treat bag.

Each bag got two bottles of POP,
a package of microwave POPcorn,
a package of POP tarts, a package of POP rocks,
and a few Tootsie POPS.
I just bagged them up using clear, plastic
treat bags.
Here's the close up of the sodas.  Too cute!
Here they are, ready to go for the Dads. 
I was a little hurt when Mr. Devilish Dish refused to wear his
award pinned to his shirt for work this morning.
Oh well, it's hanging on the fridge.  At least he'll be reminded
whenever he gets a snack what a great POP he is!

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