Monday, March 25, 2013

No-Sew Dog Bed (Beddy-Bye)

I have the laziest dog on the planet.  She's a 70+ pound Boxer-Mix.  Only on the inside she's a 2-pound lap dog.  Have you seen the commercials for depression medication where the owner just sits and stares into space all depressed?  And the dog is standing there with the leash in his mouth looking all sad because the owner is too depressed to take him for a walk?  That's not Ruthie.  She would like it if I stayed in bed 24/7.  In summation, Baby Ruth (or Ruthie as we call her) goes through dog beds like crazy.  She doesn't chew them up, she wears them out.  Literally.  From over use.  So for Christmas I decided that Santa would bring Ruthie some new "Beddy-Byes."  Because that's what we call them around here.  If you ask her, "Are you ready to go Beddy-Bye?" She runs and gets on her bed.  I can sew, but with the gazillion other projects I had going on at Christmas time, I could not devote hours to sewing Beddy-Byes.  I needed a quick, but cute project, since we have Beddy-Byes in practically every room of the house.  This was a very quick project, and something the kids could help with.  The dog beds only took about 30 minutes each from start to finish.  With only a yard of fleece and two standard sized pillows from Big Lots, I was able to make them for under $10 each too.  That way when they are worn out (and they will be from lots of use!) I can toss them and make some new ones.  AND...there are so many cute fleece patterns out there, you can coordinate to your decor.  Whip one of these up for your four-legged baby today.  *BABY RUTH RECOMMENDED!
Here's Ruthie modeling one of her new "Beddy-Byes."
The materials you'll need.
(Sorry I forgot to take actual photographs.
I did my best to come up with a simple tutorial.)
Begin by trimming of selvage edges of fleece.
Then fold fleece in half.
Cut "fringe" all the way around the
folded fleece.  Avoid cutting the
folded side.
Place pillows beside each other on the
bottom layer of fleece.  Fold top layer
of fabric over pillows and begin tying fringed
edges to close the pillows inside, creating the bed.
In only 30-minutes your Four-Legged Friend has
a new place to sleep!

NO-SEW DOG BED (Beddy-Bye)

2 standard sized bed pillows (discount store!)
1 yard fleece fabric

Trim the selvage edges from the fabric.  Fold the fabric in half.  Cut 4-inch long fringe that is 1-inch wide all the way around the fabric.  DO NOT CUT THE FOLDED SIDE.  Lay the two pillows side-by-side on the bottom layer of fabric.  Fold the top layer over the pillows.  Begin tying the fringe all the way around the pillows until all tying is complete.  Ta-Da!  You're done.  Invite your fur baby to try it out! 

Prep Time:  Approximately 30 minutes

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