Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dinner in a Bag~Featuring Custom Printed Sacks!

This time last year I was about to pull my hair out.  Little Devil was graduating from High School and was busy with exams, college entrance, pictures, scholarships, etc...Makes me crazy thinking about it.  We had so many activities going on between her senior stuff, golf tournaments and baseball.  Oddly, her high school chose to have their commencement ceremony on a Thursday night.  Which makes for an awkward time when folks have to work, or travel from out of town to attend.  I knew a sit down-style dinner was out of the question, yet we needed to eat ya know?  The ideal solution was Dinner in a Bag.  We had family and friends dropping in at various times.  The folks rushing from work to make it on time actually had a meal they could eat in the car.  My Devilish Dish Assistant Emily said, "I think it was a fun idea.  Everyone showed up expecting some kind of fancy dinner and then you handed them a cute little sack lunch instead."  The highlight of the evening (besides Little Devil getting her diploma!) was the printed paper bags.  They were a huge hit.  This is definitely a go-to dinner idea that I will use again.  A fun solution to a pickle of a problem!
I had the dining table all ready to go with
tablecloth and flowers like a sit down dinner.
Then SURPRISE!  Here's your bag.
The customized bags really made
things seem extra special.  I found
a great tutorial for how to do this

I used my Chicken Salad for a Crowd recipe. 
Tasty and Make-Ahead! 
You can find the recipe HERE.
In addition to packages of chips, each bag
had a GIANT HOMEMADE Chocolate Chip Cookie.
(You might remember these
from Little Devil's Fundraiser.)
You can find the recipe HERE.
Here's our sweet lil' graduate.
She's almost completed her freshman
year of college.
Time flies fast so enjoy it!

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