Saturday, June 21, 2014

Beefy Grilled Vidalia Onions

A couple of days ago my mother-in-law was sweet enough to share some Vidalia onions with me.  If you're not familiar with Vidalia onions, they are a sweet onion that grow in certain areas of Georgia.  Much like only certain cheeses are allowed to be marked Parmigiano Reggiano, true Vidalias are also trademarked.  They are typically available from late April through mid September, and though I've never tried it, I've heard that some people just bite right into them like an apple.  I have tried this version many times, and it's one that we absolutely love.  It's a great side dish to any meal, super simple to make and something a little different when you're tired of potatoes or salad.  They're rich, beefy and just a little sweet.  It's like a little package of French Onion Soup!
Beefy Grilled Vidalia Onions--
They're like a French Onion Soup Side Dish!
Vidalia, Georgia's Finest!

Beefy Grilled Vidalia Onions

4 fresh Vidalia onions
2 tablespoons beef bouillon paste
1 stick unsalted butter, sliced into thin pats
Kosher salt to taste
fresh cracked pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F, or preheat your outdoor grill.

Cut the top and root off each onion, and peel off the skin.  Cut each onion into quarters or eighths (depending on the sides of your onion.)  Don't cut all the way through to the bottom.  You'll want to leave the onion slightly intact.  Carefully peel the onion "petals" apart.  Place a few pats of butter in between the slivers of onion.  Brush tops of onions generously with beef bouillon paste and season with salt and pepper.  Wrap each onion with foil, gathering at the top like a little package.  (They might remind you of a Hershey's Kiss shape.)  Place on a cookie sheet and bake in a 375 degree oven for one hour.  OR you can throw the little pouches on the grill for about an hour if you are grilling steaks or chops outside.  To serve, place in a small bowl and peel foil down on the sides (kind of like a baked potato.)  Enjoy the beef, French Onion-y Soup goodness!

Prep Time:  Approximately 10 minutes     Cook Time:  Approximately 1 hour

NOTE:  I have tried this with other onions, and although it is still very good with other sweet onion varieties, NOTHING beats a Vidalia!


  1. I love Vidalia onions! I love to eat onions. I can't wait to make this. Pinned and shared!

  2. Thank you for pinning and sharing! We love Vidalias too! It's a shame they only grow for such a short time each year.


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