Monday, May 4, 2015

Wild Mushroom Risotto Mix in a Jar--Great for Mother's Day!

Have you got a special lady in your life that likes to cook?  I do.  My mother-in-law always sets a beautiful table and has all kinds of pretties under domes and cloches.  From the red tablecloths and heart dishes on Valentine's Day to the faux chocolate bunnies under domes at Easter, she loves holiday decor.  It's always fun shopping or creating a gift for her because I know she will enjoy a new addition to her table-scape.  Along with setting a lovely table and decorating for various holidays, she loves to cook too, so a gourmet gift in a pretty jar is perfect for her. In addition to giving her unique holiday decor, for Christmas I created this yummy jar of Wild Mushroom Risotto Mix, and included the recipe and a wooden risotto spoon.  I think it would make a lovely Mother's Day gift too.  Who wouldn't love to receive a pretty jar with a tasty, creative gift inside?  I've included the recipe tag for you to print out.  All you'll need is the ingredients and a beautiful jar and you'll have a lovely gourmet gift for the cook in your life!
A lovely gourmet gift
Include the recipe and a pretty bow
Layer the dry ingredients in a pretty jar
Here's the recipe tag to include with your jar.
Simply click on it to enlarge, then right-click and
select "save image as"  Save on your computer
and open the image with the software of your
choice and print onto cardstock.  Cut out,
punch a hole in the top and tie onto your jar.

Wild Mushroom Risotto Mix in a Jar

For the mix you'll need:

2 cups uncooked Arborio rice
1 bay leaf
1 teaspoon dried thyme
Dried wild mushrooms (porcini, shitake, or a variety) the amount will vary, you'll need enough to fill your jar.
cardstock to print recipe tag

Place the Arborio rice in the bottom of the jar.  Top with the bay leaf and dried thyme.  Fill the remaining space with wild mushrooms.  Arrange them so it looks pretty.  Add the lid and tape with clear tape to seal.  Tie the ribbon on to cover the tape.  Print recipe tag, cut out and add to the jar.

The recipe requires white wine and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.  You may want to include a bottle of wine and a wedge of good quality cheese with your Risotto mix as well.  We included a wooden Risotto spoon with our gift.  Did you know the wooden spoon with the hole in it is actually made for Risotto?  I didn't.  The hole in the middle allows you to constantly stir the mixture without damaging any of the grains of rice, resulting in creamy perfection!  (We found our spoon at Williams-Sonoma.)

Do you love fun, whimsical holiday decor as much as my mother-in-law and I do?  Check out the ornaments, figurines and more at Patience Brewster.  Patience is a fun, family oriented artist with amazing talent.  Her childhood and background are very interesting and I feel a kinship to her as we both have artistic backgrounds and have been influenced by talented family members in our life.  I'm fortunate to have not only an awesome Mom, but her identical twin sister Aunt Sissie (TWO MOMS--it's the best!) and a Mother-in-Law of 20+ years.  They all love cooking, family and sharing the love that is The Devilish Dish.  You can find more of these precious ornaments HERE.

My mother collects giraffes.  Isn't that fun?
I found the Janet Giraffe Ornament by Patience Brewster.
Aunt Sissie collects raccoons. 
An unusual collection for sure, but so adorable.
The Huck Raccoon Ornament benefits the
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in honor of Patience's son.
A wonderful gift benefiting a great cause..
My Mother-in-Law doesn't collect any
one certain thing.  As I told you, she loves
holiday decor.  I just love this Nutcracker Figure by Patience Brewster.  He's stately
and whimsical at the same time and
I think he would make a great addition
to her holiday collection!

*the idea for this post was sparked by Patience Brewster...

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