Friday, April 17, 2015

How to Perfectly Boil an Egg

We love deviled eggs around here.  Obviously if we're The Devilish Dish.  One thing that totally grosses me out is when you boil an egg and the yolk has that grey/green color around it.  It doesn't really taste any different but since we also "eat with our eyes" it makes a huge difference on a deviled egg platter.  This is the method Anthony Bourdain recommends in his Les Halles cookbook.  In fact, the recipe is titled, "How to boil a freakin egg."  This is the technique I've always used and had success no matter how many eggs I'm cooking.  I have even used my big stockpot and cooked 2 dozen eggs at a time.  With spring here and summer coming up it is truly deviled egg season.  Now you'll have the most beautiful deviled eggs at the picnic or barbeque. 

My favorite method.  It never fails.
Cover your eggs with water.
Bring to a rapid boil.
Place on lid.
Turn heat off and allow
pan to sit on burner 10 minutes.
Cool in ice water before peeling.
There you have it.
Easy, perfectly boiled eggs.

Place eggs in a sauce pan.  Fill with enough water to cover the eggs about 1-inch.  Place on burner and bring to a full boil.  Cover with lid and turn heat off.  Allow pot to remain on burner exactly 10 minutes.  Remove immediately.  Drain water and fill pot with ice water to cool.  Peel eggs and enjoy.

NOTE:  I usually tap the large end of the egg on the counter and start peeling from there.  If you break that skin/membrane thing the egg will peel easily without tearing.  That way you'll have perfect looking eggs on your platter.  If all else fails make egg salad :)

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