Thursday, August 17, 2017

Snickers Dip

I took this dip along with a bag of pretzels to one of our very first tailgates several years ago.  And more than once I heard, "Oh my gosh what is in this?" and "You have to try this dip."  Needless to say it was gone before game time, because face it, who doesn't love a Snickers Bar? Years later tailgaters are still commenting on this dip.  It's that memorable!  Even better is the dip only has four ingredients.  It's super easy to make, and you can even make it ahead of time.  Serve it up with some pretzels for the perfect sweet and salty combination.  You'll get your Snickers fix in a cute dessert form!

Get your Snickers Fix in dip form!
The perfect sweet and salty combination!

Snickers Dip

16 ounces cream cheese, softened
1/4 cup brown sugar
8 ounces Cool Whip topping
6 regular-sized Snickers candy bars, chopped

Pretzels for dipping

Cream the cream cheese, brown sugar and Cool Whip together with a mixer.  Stir in the chopped candy bars.  Refrigerate before serving.  Serve with pretzels for dipping.

Prep Time:  Approximately 5 minutes     Cook Time: 0 

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