Wednesday, August 17, 2011

7 Facts Blogger Game

There is a fun game going around the food blogging community called Seven Facts.  If you get tagged by someone, there are seven questions you have to answer using previous posts from your blog.  I was tagged by Helena, from the Saucy Girl's Kitchen.  Thanks for tagging me, this was fun!

Here are my seven answers based on my previous blog posts and experiences.  Click on Recipe Title to be taken to the Recipe Link!

1.  Most Beautiful Post: Fire and Ice Salad
I chose this one, because I loved how pretty and
colorful this salad turned out.  PLUS,
Mr. Devilish Dish is such a sweetheart and did
all of the beautiful chopping work for me!

2.  Most Popular Post:  Crack Corn
This popcorn actually inspired the name for my blog.
It's super easy to make and world famous.
Give it a try!  It's so addicting.
I hope my blog is too!

3.  Most Controversial Post:  Even The Best Cooks Have Bad Days
I wouldn't call it a controversy,
I'd just call it a mess.  Read how I recovered
from a recipe near-disaster!

4.  Most Helpful Post:  Poaching The Perfect Egg
Considering Eggs Benedict is the best
breakfast you can get this side of Heaven,
everyone should know how to poach
the perfect egg!

5.  Post That Was Surprisingly Successful:  Beau Monde Dip 
I did this post for National Potato Chip Day.
It literally takes 5 ingredients and 5 minutes
to make.  I never thought something this
simple (but tasty!) would be one of my
most popular posts.

6.  Post That Did Not Get The Attention It Deserved: 
     Mother's Day Kleenex Caddy
Okay Okay I'm a food blogger,
not a craft blogger.  But I consider myself
pretty crafty too.  I thought these little dandys
turned out great for the Moms.  I'm not
sure everyone else loved them as much as I did!

Post I Am Most Proud Of:  Taco Soup
The very first recipe I blogged! 
I made it, photographed it and then
ran to the computer to blog about it.
Then I ate COLD Taco Soup afterward.

Thank you so much to Helena from Saucy Girl's Kitchen for including me in this fun game.  I'm going to tag 6 of my favorite food blogging friends.  Be sure and check out their pages!

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  1. thank you so much :) I am working on it's harder than I thought it would be!


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