Saturday, April 20, 2013

Baseball Watch Party

I can pretty much turn any occasion into a party at my house.  It doesn't hurt that just about everything I own in the kitchen is red or says Sooners on it.  Impromptu Baseball Game Watch Party?  No problem.  Last season, with Little Devil's graduation from high school, and lots of other events going on, I found some great recipes that I recycled throughout the season.  Chicken Salad Sandwiches for a Crowd, and Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies have become staples in my rotation of recipes for casual entertaining.  Not only did Little Devil fund a DECA trip to Utah by selling the giant cookies, but they also made a great dessert on Graduation Night. (Check that out HERE.)  The Chow Mein Cookies from her Asian Themed Graduation Party were so good, I had to make them again, because we couldn't get enough of them.  These tried and true recipes, combined with some simple sports decor resulted in a great little party!

Some cute lil' plates, a few baseballs
and some go-to simple recipes are all you need
for a casual watch party.
Oh yeah.  And a monkey. 
You need a monkey.
Chicken Salad Sandwiches for a Crowd.
Make these ahead.  You can find
the recipe HERE
Mr. Devilish Dish makes the best
French Onion Dip.  You'll never buy it
from a carton again.  You can
find his recipe HERE.
GIANT Chocolate Chip Cookies
and Chow Mein Cookies for dessert.  YUM!
You can find their recipes
What's a watch party without a little hooch?
Cool down with some
Summertime Hard Lemonade...
You can find the recipe
Yes.  We have an OU Baseball Monkey.
It's called a Rally Monkey.
Don't Judge!

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