Monday, March 14, 2011

Bear With Me, I'm a Slow Learner!

So I've told you all along that The Devilish Dish is a work in progress.  And since I'm forced to lay on my back with my foot propped up staring at the ceiling for a better part of my day, I have lots of crazy ideas running through my head.  Well not really running, racing like a rabid bear is chasing them.  Anyhoo, there are many things I want to add to my blog, to make it more interesting and user friendly for all of you.  You make click on here from time to time and see things that don't make sense.  Bear with I recuperate from my surgery, I'm going to waste as much time as I can fiddling with the blog.  The original content is still here, and I will be adding new recipes often so please continue to visit me!

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