Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ghoulishly Great Giveaway

I love Halloween.  It's my absolute fiendishly favorite holiday.  If my husband wouldn't be horrified and turn into a pumpkin, I would leave my creepy cool Halloween decorations up year round.  He's kind of evil when it comes to that, in fact he's downright gruesome.  He also refuses to dress up like Dracula and I'll never understand why because he has black hair.  He's already halfway there.  He just needs fangs and a cape.  Party Pooper.  No treats for him!  I'm usually the first one with a pumpkin on my porch and goblins in my graveyard.  It's the bone-chilling best time of year for terrifyingly-tempting treats too.  Cauldrons of candy to be eaten.  Plus every devilishly delicious thing you can imagine made with pumpkin or apples.  Baking and Halloween just go together like ghosts in a Haunted House.  So I thought I would have a Frightenly Fun Giveaway to celebrate my hallowed time of year!

Here's the Scary-Simple Rules To Enter...

1)  LIKE The Devilish Dish on Facebook

2)  Suggest The Devilish Dish to at least one friend on Facebook.

3)  Come back here and leave a comment telling why you Love this time of year too!

It's that easy...Come on, you want my October to be full of TREATS and not TRICKS don't you???

I will select a winner via on Saturday, October 15th at the witching hour of midnight.  You must live in the continental 48 United States to enter. 
The Fiendishly-Fortunate Winner will receive:
A Jack-O-Lantern Oven mitt, 2 Jack-O-Lantern
Pot holders, 24 regular sized Jack-O-Lantern cupcake liners with
matching Jack-O-Lantern flag picks and 100 mini Jack-O-Lantern
cupcake liners. 
(Sorry friends my Life is Witch sign is not included.)
Close Up of the mini cupcake liners...
Close Up of the regular sized cupcake
liners with matching picks.

Hope to see lots of you enter.  Best of luck.  And don't forget to enjoy every creepishly cool minute of this spooktacular season!  Bob for lots of apples, eats lots of candy, scare lots of people and cackle like a witch!


  1. I like The devilish dish on Fb and shared the giveaway! I love fall for the beautiful changing leaves, the cooler weather (without snow!), apple and pumpkin picking, and many more reasons!


  2. I, of course, LOVE your page, I think I may have been your 1st "like!" I will share this immediately!! I love fall the best of any season, and Halloween is ALWAYS fun when you have little goblins like I do! :) But what's the one thing I LOVE about Halloween? It's sending you some kind of treat to add to your collection.'ll be arriving today! ;)

  3. Angie McGrew-LeBlanc:

    cant get google, typepad,openid or anything to work,left comment but wont go through...bummer. love ur page and love halloween, now if i could just enter my comment for the giveaway i'd be set.

    Tried that, I have tried everything, even contacted google and they can't find the solution either. Thanks, I follow your page on fb and google, and I follow many more but the google will not work for anything.

    (Now you're entered Angie!)

  4. I already am a fan and like you on

  5. I also shared your giveaway on my facebook

  6. Fall is my favorite time of the year because of the cool weather setting in at night after a nice day in the 70's. The weather is picture perfect.Nice blue skies and big white fluffy clouds. Amazing and striking colors on the trees.Watching squirrels hunt for food for the long winter. Pumpkins,Halloween,anything caramel,picking apples, haystack mazes, etc.The list goes

  7. AAF on FB

    Gina Taylor

  8. Suggested to my MIL on FB, tagged you in a SHARE so other people can see it too!

    Gina Taylor


    -Its my wedding anniversary!
    - the candy!
    - the decor
    - the treats I bake and make
    - the costumes

    I love EVERYTHING!!

    And the Halloween Wedding anniversary parties :D
    (not this year though :(

    Gina Taylor

  10. Halloween is on of my favs, too!!! I love dressing up, decorating, making ghoulish treats for my kiddos and having creepy, cool fun!!! :)

  11. I'm already a fan on facebook :)

  12. I shared your page on my wall :) That way many people will know about u!

  13. I love this time of year because the leaves are so beautiful! And i love the smell of fall :) I also really love halloween! My favorite time of the year! I love getting my kids dressed up and bringing them out for trick or treating!

  14. I'm already a fb fan and have shared you to my friends. I LOVE this time of year. My father was a Halloween baby so on top of it being a happy memory of him it's also the best time of the year. You get to dress up, feast on candy, watch the best horror movies and it's the one time of the year dust and cobwebs are considered decorations.

  15. I am one of your Facebook fans. I shared this for you. I would love this. This is my grandson's first Halloween and would love to make him cupcakes with these wrappers <3

  16. Shared your page on FB.This is my favorite time of year from the much awaited Fall smells and colors.But HALLOWEEN is the best because its then I can go all out and be my devilish self its the best!What I love is the whole block gets in sync to give ppl/kids of all ages the enjoyment of Halloween.We even have a dentist who makes a haunted house!Thanks for the chance to win but most of all thanks for the sharing of your talents. Much Thanks MzzHeelzzRoxx

  17. I love the fall time of the year. It brings back memories of my grandmother making popcorn balls for us and candied apples made with red hots. Also, the memories of Halloween parties at school come back to mind. Those great times of trick or treating and entering the big Halloween contest downtown on Halloween night. Now days I love to cook Halloween treats and dishes for friends to come over and enjoy, whether it's a costume party or not. It's a great time of the year.

  18. Love hayrides, costumes, parties, candy, and the cool crisp air. I liked you on fb and suggested your site to a friend.

  19. StuffYourselfSilly I tried to leave a comment and it wouldn't post. Mine was: The Devil (ish) made me do it...because sometimes the trick IS the treat:) LOL


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